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School attendance is mandated by statute and by laws and regulations of the State of California and the Governing Board of the Beaumont Unified School District (BP 5113).  

Palm Innovation Academy has the responsibility to enforce all attendance policies, which assure regular attendance and punctuality. In order for an absence to be cleared, a parent/guardian must send a note within 72 hours to inform the school of the student’s absence, tardy and/or early pick up greater than 30 min. or more. Parent notes will only be accepted for the first 10 absences. After ten absences, a doctor’s note or school site verification may be required.

According to the California Compulsory Attendance Law, an absence is excusable for the following reasons only:

1.    Illness

2.    Quarantine directed by a county or city health officer

3.    Having medical, dental, or vision services rendered

4.    Attending funeral services of a member of the pupil’s immediate family

5.    Student attendance in court 

When a student accumulates absences, tardy and/or early pick up greater than 30 min. or more whether excused or unexcused, under the district attendance procedure, the following interventions may occur: 

1.    3+, 6+, or 9+ unexcused absences, tardy and/or early pick up greater than 30 min. or more - Parent/Guardian will receive written communication from the school.​ School site may request a SART conference with parent/guardian. 

2.    5 or more excused absences - Parent/guardian receives additional written communication from the school. Other options may include but are not limited to:

a.    A SART conference with the school attendance clerk or administrator.

b.    Referral to the district’s School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

c.    Educational Monitoring Team (EMT)

d.    Revoke of intra/inter district transfer.

When is your child to sick to come to school? Use the suggested guidelines to help you decide. 
PIA acknowledges our students who have zero attendance marks on record with PERFECT attendance. 
We also know that things come up, students who have 3 or less excused absences, including tardy or early outs, are recognized as having EXCELLENT attendance. 
Reporting an Absence?
Please report your student's absence within 72 hrs of missing school. You may send a note in ParentSquare or call the office and speak to the Health/Attendance Clerk, Diana Villalobos. She can be reached by phone at (951) 845-9579 ext. 134101 or by email at